About  Me

A picture of me!

Hi! My name is Henry Liu. I was born in Indiana in 2005 and lived in Brownsburg, Indiana until age 13. I attended Brownsburg Public Schools from kindergarten through seventh grade. In the summer after my seventh-grade year, I moved halfway across the country to Grafton, Massachusetts, where I attended Grafton Middle School. After middle school, I attended St. John's High School for two years before transferring to the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI for junior year, which I currently attend. I live with my parents and two brothers, both of whom are younger than me. My youngest brother is currently a second-grader at Millbury Street Elementary School, while my middle brother is currently in his freshman year at St. John's.


My Family

My middle brother
My parents
My youngest brother

Hobbies and Interests

Academically, I have always been interested in mathematics and history. I really enjoy history because I enjoy learning about the people of the past and how they interacted with each other, as well as the lessons that we can take from their actions. My favorite parts of history are ancient Roman History as well as modern history, specifically the conflicts and developments during these times. The other subject that I enjoy is mathematics. I like to be able to spend my time thinking about a problem and the various methods that I could take to be able to solve it. I have always been interested in the questions focusing on the application of mathematical concepts, such as when math is used in science class or during math competitions. I have participated in math competitions such as the AMC and WoCoMal, and I plan on continuing to do so.

Me standing on a statue
Me playing soccer

Outside of school, I like to spend my time reading books. My favorite books that I have read would have to be the Harry Potter series, which I still reread each year. In the past year, books that I have enjoyed reading include "Lord of the Flies," "The Book Thief," and "The Stranger." In addition, I also enjoy taking part in athletics, whether that be participating in sports at school or playing pick-up games with my neighbors. Before moving to Massachusetts, I had been learning karate for about 6 years, beginning when I was seven years old. In middle school, I joined the cross-country team as well as the track team, where I participated in the long jump and the 100m dash. I had also been playing soccer outside of school and joined the St. John's soccer team in ninth grade.


Community Service

For community service, I volunteered at the Community Harvest Project in Grafton. The program seeks to plant, gather, and prepare fruits and vegetables for hunger relief. I spent several hours at the two farms in Grafton, gathering, cleaning, and packaging various types of vegetables, such as squash, eggplant, and cucumbers.

Community Harvest