Computer Science

Mrs. Taricco

Computer Science at Mass Academy is taught by Mrs. Taricco and explores far more topics than previous classes have covered. We have currently covered web design using HTML and CSS, as well as the AP Computer Science curriculum and programming using Java. We are also working on Apps for Good, a program for students to work together and create an app as a capstone project for the market, teaching the essentials of application design and programming while improving our skills of communication and entrepreneurship.

Web Design

Our first unit was web design, in which we discussed the criteria for creating and judging a website’s effectiveness. Following this assignment, we applied the concepts that we learned to create our own websites using HTML and CSS. The criteria developed by my group can be seen in the presentation below.


After developing our websites, we began covering the AP Computer Science curriculum by learning to program using Java. So far, we have covered topics including iteration, conditionals, and arrays. One of the programs that I have created in the class is a program that plays Bulgarian Solitaire, a variation on the typical solitaire game. The code for the program can be seen below.

Another program that I have developed in class is the Sieve of Eratosthenes, a program used to find all the primes through a certain number. The program works by removing all numbers that are a multiple of another number, leaving only the prime numbers behind. The code for the program can be seen below.

Apps for Good

Through C and D term, the class worked on Apps for Good projects with groups of 3 to 4 people, which is somewhat of a capstone project for the course. The program aims to improve the technology and communication skills of students through the creation of an application or technological service. The project goes through all the steps of the development of an app, starting with the design and brainstorming phase and ending with the introduction of the application to the public marketplace.


Our group, consisting of myself, Cameron Whiting, and Robin Warner, designed Employbee, an app created for small business owners to aid in employee and task management.

Problem Statement and Target Audience

Many small businesses owners face difficulties managing employees, whether that be overlooking their training or aiding them throughout each business day. In addition, there are often many repeating, daily tasks that need to be accomplished each day or each shift. The intended audience for our app is small business owners in need of a system to manage their employees and recurring tasks.

MVP and Other Features

Our minimum viable product (MVP) for this project was a refreshing tasks list that could be used to keep track of recurring tasks that must be completed or have already been completed. Tasks are added or removed from a separate page, in which the user is able to include the shift and position that the task has been delegated to. Each task, along with its progress, is saved to an SQLite database, allowing for persistent storage and data to be retained between app openings.

In addition to our MVP, another feature that was implemented was a protocol search page. The app is able to store protocols and responses to certain situations persistently. The user is then able to navigate through the page using the search bar and find specific protocols using certain keywords.

Poster Presentation