PROJECTS: Germano S. Iannacchione




MAJOR QUALIFYING PROJECTS (MQP): 67 projects, 118 students, 19 awards (noted in bold)


  1. Eric Clinton, “The Design, Fabrication, and Testing of an Ultra-stable Thermal Platform for Temperature Sensor and Experimental Cell Housing”, PH GSI-9801 (May 1999) Lawton-Plimpton Award.
  2. Jeremy Gogos, “Numerical Simulation of the Confined Nematic to Isotropic Phase Transition”, PH GSI-9802 (May 1999) Provost MQP and Robert H. Goddard Award.
  3. Karen Hirst, “A Frustrated Liquid crystal”, PH GSI-9901 (May 2000) Lawton-Plimpton Award.
  4. Kevin King, “Thermal Response Optimization Study of AC-Calorimetric Cells”, PH GSI-9903 (May 2000) Provost MQP Award.
  5. Anthony Cruz, “Fractal Formation in Confined Geometries”, PH GSI-0001 (May 2001).
  6. Sarah House, Lewis Kotredes, “GSFC NASA-WPI: Design and Testing of an Advanced Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator”, co-advised with S. N. Jasperson and F. J. Looft, PH SNJ-G201 (October 2001) L. Kotredes received the Salsibury Award.
  7. Joseph P. Lefrancois, “Construction of a Versatile Low-Temperature AC-Calorimeter”, PH GSI-0102 (May 2002) Lawton-Plimpton Award.
  8. Brian Dewhirst, “Dielectric Measurements of a Liquid Crystal-Aerosil Dispersion”, PH GSI-0103 (May 2002).
  9. Matthew Hilt, “Construction of a Thermoacoustic Refrigerator”, PH GSI-0106 (May 2002) Lawton-Plimpton Award.
  10. Brittany R. Morgan, “Simulation of Micro-Elasticity in a Fractal Network”, PH GSI-0101 (May 2002).
  11. Nikole Howard, “Numerical Simulations of the Impact of Jupiter's Migration on the Formation of the Hilda Asteroid Group”, PH GSI-0107 (May 2002) Robert H. Goddard Award.
  12. Elizabeth Bouvier, “Operation of a Low-Temperature Versatile AC-Calorimeter”, PH GSI-0304 (May 2004).
  13. Helen Hanson, Deanna Wolfson, “Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photo-diode for LADAR”, MIT/Lincoln Labs, PH GSI-0504 (December 2005) WPI/Sigma Xi MQP Award & Honorable Mention Provost MQP Award
  14. Anne Bothmer, Kevin Glynn, “Photomechanical Properties of a Liquid Crystal”, co-advisor with N. Burnham, PH NAB-MQP5 (March 2006) Honorable Mention Provost MQP Award, A. Bothmer won the Salisbury Award,
  15. William Aust, “Firefighter Location Detection System”, co-advisor with D. Cyganski, PH DC-0501 (May 2006).
  16. Jared Bollinger, “Digital Dynamic Light Scattering Experiment for Colloids”, PH GSI-0501(May 2006).
  17. Christopher Kalisz, “Disorder Strength Measurement of a Liquid Crystal – Silica Colloid”, PH GSI-0502 (May 2006).
  18. Brenden Brown, “Theoretical Modeling of AC/RF Calorimetry”, PH GSI-0503 (May 2007).
  19. Caroline F. Mallory, “Accelerator Beam Window: Radiation Cooled Window for an ADS Reactor”, PH GSI-0605 (May 2007).
  20. Jesse Sawyer and Eugeny Sosnovsky, “Omni-directional Horizontally Polarized UHF Antenna Design”, MIT Lincoln Labs, PH GSI-0701 (December 2007) E. Sosnovsky won the Salsibury Award.
  21. Eric Scheid (PH), Christopher Cleary (ECE), and Sara Duran (ECE), “Discriminating Between Splitting and Crossing Targets: A Radar Tracking Problem”, MIT Lincoln Labs, co-advised with K. Clements, PH KAC-0702 (December 2007).
  22. Angelo Chandler (PH), Thomas MacDonald (ECE), “Profit and Loss Work flow Analysis”, Bank of America – London UK, co-advised with M. J. Ciaraldi, A. Gerstenfeld, and J. Orr, PH MXC-W075 (December 2007).
  23. John Schneeloch, “Structural Analysis of a Simulated Supercooled Liquid”, co-advised with G. D. J. Phillies, PH GDP-0701 (May 2008).
  24. Olga Petrova, “Search for Coincidence Events in LIGO and GEO600 Data” at MIT, PH GSI-0702 (May 2008) Robert H. Goddard Award.
  25. Christopher Calommusi, “AC Calorimetry Spectroscopy”, PH GSI-0303 (May 2008).
  26. Jillian Daniels, “Gravity Anomalies and Flexure”, PH GSI-0705 (May 2008).
  27. Andrew Lingenfelter, Meghan LeBounty,”Optimization of a Thermoacoustic Refrigerator”, PH GSI-0706 (May 2008).
  28. Michael Kavulich, “The Physics of Sand Dune Formation and Migration on Mars”, co-advised with D. De Paor, PH GSI-0801 (May 2008).
  29. Steven Rose (PH), Bradley Scoville (ECE), “Aircraft Lasercom Terminal Compact Optical Module (ALT-COM) ”, MIT Lincoln Labs, co-advised with W. Michalson (ECE) PH GSI-0806 (October 2008).
  30. Joseph Mullin, Matthew Silva Sa, Dericc Orso, “Rutherford Scattering and GeLi Detection”, co-advised with S. Weekes (MA) PH GSI-0805 (December 2008).
  31. Amanda Cox, Jessica LaGoy, Thomas MacDonald, “Catapults, Corked Bats, and Tesla Coils: Finding the Truth”, PH GSI-0802 (May 2009).
  32. Vineet Barot, David Coit, “Experiments with a Thermoacoustic Refrigerator”, PH GSI-0807 (May 2009).
  33. Nicholas LeCompte, Dante Amaroso, “Thin-Film Ferrofluidics”, joint MQP co-advised with B. Verneascu (MA) PH GSI-0808 (May 2009) N. LeCompte won the Salisbury Award, D. Amoroso won the R. H. Goddard Award.
  34. Ronald Turba, “Production of a Fluid Microjet Using Electrospray and Flow Focusing”, co-advised with J. Blandino (AE), JB3-MFJ1 / PH GSI-0809 (May 2009).
  35. Caleb Teske, Robert Lowery, “An Experimental Study of a Table-Top Doppler Effect Simulation”, PH GSI-0812 (May 2009).
  36. Charles Fancher, Glenn Amundsen, Long Tong, Genevieve Bowman, “Linking Radar Data to Physical Models”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, PH GSI-0904 (October 2009).
  37. Steve Ellis, “The Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition in Liquid Crystal and Carbon Buckyball Colloids”, PH GSI-0901 (May 2010).
  38. Christopher Horgan (PH), Justin Fraize (ECE), Matthew Sirocki (ECE), “High-Powered Microwave Systems for Boost Phase Interception”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with E. Clancy (ECE) PH GSI-0905 (October 2010).
  39. Matthew Rumore, “Experimental Study of GEMs”, at Brookhaven National Laboratory, PH GSI-0803 (February 2011).
  40. Caitlyn Shaddock, “Ellipsometry of Biofilms”, PH GSI-1006 (May 2011).
  41. Robert Connick, “Musical Tesla Coil”, PH GSI-1009 (May 2011).
  42. Samantha O'Connor (PH), Christopher Massa (ECE), and Erik Silva (ECE), “The Beacon Locator Project: A Passive Direction Finding System for Locating Pulsed Emitter Signals ”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with E. Clancy (ECE), PH GSI-1104 (October 2011).
  43. Craig Janeczek (PH/ECE), “Pedestrian Car Alert System”, co-advised with S. Bitar (ECE), PH SJB-1A11 (May 2012).
  44. Autumn Paro, “Introduction to Plasma Physics”, co-advised with A. Zozulya (PH), PH AZ-AZ01 (May 2012).
  45. Shane Jackson (PH), Daniel Guerin (ECE), Jon Kelly (ECE), “Passive Direction Finding A Phase Interferometry Direction Finding System for an Airborne Platform”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with E. Clancy (ECE), PH GSI-1202/EXC-1202 (October 2012).
  46. Jeffrey Peters, Cellular Uptake of Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles”, PH GSI-1206 (May 2013).
  47. Xiaojing (Cathy) Wang (PH/MA), “Three Phase Boundary Models”, double-major MQP co-advised with J. Fehribach (MA), PH/MA JDF-1211 (May 2013) Provost MQP Award.
  48. Bo Rim Seo (ME), “Bio-Inspired Robotic Flapping Wing”, co-advised with M. Popovic (PH/RBE), RBE MBP-AAAG (May 2013).
  49. Roberto Alvarado (PH), Michael Bartlett (ME), Richard Beski (ME), Santiago Isaza (ME), “Thermomechanical Reliability”, co-advised with R. Pryputniewicz (ME), PH RJP-1211 (May 2013).
  50. Shaun Marshall, “Liquid Crystals and Protein Mixtures”, co-advised with I. Stroe (PH), PH IZS-SH12 (May 2013).
  51. Bryan Bergeron, “Statistical Mechanics”, PH GSI-1204 (June 2013).
  52. Jack O'Brien, “Physics Education Research”, PH GSI 1301 (May 2014).
  53. Eric Reich, “Statistical Mechanics and Graph Theory”, co-advised with MA, BZS 1305 (May 2014).
  54. Jeffrey Havill (ME) and Steve Thuo (PHE), “Transport Properties in Materials”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), PH GSI-1302 (expected Summer 2014).
  55. Kevin Brown (PH), “Transport Properties in Materials”, PH GSI-1302 (expected Fall 2014).
  56. Stephanie Herpich, “Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots”, PH GSI-1304 (expected Spring 2015).
  57. Daniel Banco (PH/ECE), Benjamin Rude (PH), and Matthew Zawatsky (PH), “Infrared Video Tracker”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with E. Clancy (ECE), PH GSI-1402 (October 2014).
  58. Lydia George (ME), Charles Plummer (ME), Daniela Ruiz (ME w/ MAT), Xiaoyu Wang (ME), “Thermal/Electrical Transport”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), PH GSI-1401 (May 2015).
  59. Jennifer Albores (RBE), Stephen Couitt (PH/ME), Stephen Montanez-Sanchez (RBE/ME), and Timothy Neilan (RBE), “Holography of Soft Tissue”, co-advised with C. Furlong (ME), ME CF-HO15 (May 2015).
  60. Rose Carmichael, Jordan Kovar, “Moving Target Trackers”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with J. Fehribach (MA), PH GSI-1601 (May 2016 for J. Kovar, May 2017 for R. Carmichael).
  61. Gyneth Campbell (ME), Scott Davison (ME), Adam Gatehouse (ME), Daniel Mortarelli (ME), “Thermal and Electrical Transport Measurements in Cast and Wrought Aluminum Alloys”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), ME DL1-1701 (May 2017)
  62. Daniel Braconnier (ME), Kristin Markuson (ME), Mila Maynard (ME), “Fabrication and Properties of Novel Polymer-Metal Composites Using 3D Printing”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), A. Peterson (CHE), ME AMP-PMCP (May 2017) ASM Chapter 1st Place Award.
  63. Kevin Martin (AE), Finn O’Brien (AE/PH), Eric Periera (ME), “Peroxide Propulsion Follow-On”, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, co-advised with N. Gatsonis (AE/MA), AE NAG-1702 (December 2017).
  64. Ann Kaczowka (ME), Nde Aghanui Nkimbeng (ME), Justin Coppolino (ME), “Polymer-Metal Composites”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), ME GSI-1802 (May 2018).
  65. Andrzej Bielecki (ME), Dexter Y. Gutierrez (ME), “Thermal and Electrical Transport Measurements in Advanced Materials”, advised with D. Lados (ME), ME DL1-1801 (May 2018).
  66. Takayoshi Tsutsui, “ICON”, advised by Frank Hoy (BUS), FRH-FH18 (May 2018).
  67. Joseph V. Calnan (ME), Jack A. Grubbs (ME), Richard C. Smith (ME), Andrea P. Claudio (ME), “Polymer-Metal Composites”, co-advised with D. Lados (ME), ME DL1-1901 (expected May 2019).
  68. Nicholas E. Mears (PH), “Stochastic Simulations of Non-Equilibrium Thermal Systems”, PH GSI-1802 (expected December 2018).




  1. Joshua S. Engstrom and Christopher A. Knight, “Designing an 8th Grade Science Curriculum”, IQP –51 GSI-0002 (May 2001).
  2. Michael DeLuc, “Characteristics of Successful Physics Departments”, IQP –51 GSI-0301 (May 2004).
  3. Sumeet Sharma, Nathan T. Hanify-Neal, and Mordecai Waegell, “Augmentation of the Physics E&M Labs.”, co-advised with C. Koleci, IQP –51 CK-ID04 (December 2004)
  4. Gregory Artim, Clifford Harvey, and Michael Kavulich, “Physics in a Box”, IQP –51 GSI-0707 (May 2008).
  5. Kyle Pydynkowski, Bennett Lessard, Konrad Perry, John McGinley, and Bennie Jones, “Ongoing Advancement of the Physics Toolbox”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-0810 (December 2008).
  6. Andrew Crouse, “Robert H. Goddard as a Proto-Plan Student”, IQP –51 GSI-0801 (May 2009).
  7. Stephen Mann, “Physics Data Sharing”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-0903 (October 2009).
  8. Guy Mann, Justin Pombrio, and Christopher Wellington, “Physics and Education Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-0902 (May 2010).
  9. Joshua Faucher, Daniel Spitz, John Vilk, and Jennifer Wunschel, “Physics Lab Toolbox – Collisions Laboratory”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-0907 (May 2010).
  10. Meshal Alasfour, Brian Grabowski, and Brendan Harris, “Using Media to Enhance Student's Ability to Learn Physics”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-0909 (May 2010).
  11. Marc Umbricht, “Inquiry Based First-Year Physics Laboratories”, co-advised with F. Hutson and Y. Zastavker, IQP –51 GSI-1005 (suspended).
  12. Angelos Platanias, “Using Media to Enhance Student's Ability to Learn Physics”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-1008 (May 2011).
  13. Jeremy Moody, “Physics Laboratory Student Perception Surveys”, co-advised with F. Hutson and Y. Zastavker, IQP –51 GSI-1102 (May 2012).
  14. Matthew Fredrick, “Development of an Inquiry-based Physics Lab”, co-advised with F. Hutson and Y. Zastavker, IQP –51 GSI-11005 (May 2012).
  15. Andrew Johns, “Physics Performance Data Mining”, co-advised with F. Hutson and Y. Zastavker, IQP –51 GSI-1106 (May 2012).
  16. Bryan Bergeron, “Revision of the PH 1120 Laboratory”, co-advised with F. Huston, IQP –51 GSI-1201 (August 2012).
  17. Gregory McCarthy, “Physics Instructional Toolbox”, co-advised with F. Hutson, IQP –51 GSI-1303 (May 2014).
  18. Alec Benson, Matthew Mancini, “Improving the PH-1110/1111/1120/1121 Physics Laboratories”, co-advised with G. Phillies, IQP -–51 GDP-9999 (May 2015).
  19. Yu Jing, “Design of Nuclear Labs for PH1130”, IQP –51 GSI-1701 (December 2016).
  20. Jarrett Jacobson, “Reworking and Improving PH 2101. Principles of Thermodynamics”, IQP –51 GSI-1602 (May 2016).
  21. Christopher Pierce (PH), “A History of Physics at WPI”, IQP -51 GSI-1603 (May 2017).
  22. Luke Brown (MA), Bintang Hoenbuckle (AE), Olivia Leavitt (BE), “Fukushima I”, co-advised with M. Katfolen, D. Medich, I.R. Stoe, IQP –41 GSI-NU01 (May 2018).
  23. Taylor Trottier (PH), Yudith Chumsosa (BE), Joseph LeBlanc (BE), “Chernobyl Dogs”, co-advised with M. Katfolen, D. Medich, I.R. Stoe, IQP –41 GSI-NU02 (May 2018).
  24. Steven Franca (BE), Son Nguyen (ECE), Thang D. Pham (CM), “Fukushima II”, co-advised with M. Katfolen, D. Medich, I.R. Stoe, IQP –41 GSI-NU03 (May 2018).
  25. John Kahler (CM), Bailey Waterman (AE), “Sellafield, UK”, co-advised with M. Katfolen, D. Medich, I.R. Stoe, IQP –41 GSI-NU04 (May 2018).
  26. Yash Yadati (PH), “ODPL Web Site Construction”, IQP –51 GSI-1801 (expected December 2018).







  1. 11 M.S. degrees earned (exam option) by my graduate students en-route towards their Ph.D.
  2. Kevin Vanslette (Spring 2012 – Spring 2013), “Theoretical study of variable measurement uncertainty h and infinite unobservable entropy” (self-supported).
  3. Jeffrey Peters, (BS/MS, Spring 2013 – Spring 2014), “Model cellular uptake of functionalized gold nanoparticles” (self-supported).
  4. Shane Waterman, (MS, Fall 2014 – Spring 2016), “Nuclear”
  5. Elizabeth C. Tyree (Fall 2000 – now), “Data-mining of airport atmospheric data” (self-supported).


DOCTORAL GRADUATE STUDENTS (Ph.D. - Physics) 3 awards noted in bold.


  1. Aleksander Roshi (Summer 2000 – M.S. May 2004 – Ph.D. May 2005), “Effect of disorder through quenched random order on liquid crystalline phase transitions”.

2005– 2016: Senior Research Engineer, Analogic Corp., Peabody, MA

2016– now: Senior Research Engineer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lincoln, MA.

  1. Saimir Barjami (Summer 2001 – M.S. May 2004 – Ph.D. May 2005), “Calorimetric spectroscopy techniques: RF-heat modulation and heat capacity bridge”.

June– August 2005: Physics Research Scientist, WPI, Worcester, MA.

2005– 2010: Physics Lecturer, Cal. Poly. State U., San Luis Obispo, CA.

2011– now: Physics Instructor, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX.

  1. Florentin Cruceanu (Fall 2003 – M.S. May 2006 – Ph.D. May 2008), “Dielectric spectroscopy study of quenched random disorder on liquid crystalline phase transitions”.

2008– 2010: Physics Instructor, Toronto School System, Toronto, Canada.

deceased: May 2010

  1. Rajratan Basu (Spring 2007 – M.S. May 2009 – Ph.D. May 2010), “Dielectric studies of nanostructures and directed self-assembled nanomaterials in nematic liquid crystals”.

2009 1st Place, Science Division, Graduate Research Achievement Day (GRAD).

2010 Sigma Xi Outstanding Ph.D. Research Award

2010– 2012: Post-doctoral Fellowship, Prof. C. Rosenblatt, Case Western Reserve University.

2012– 2017: Assistant Professor of Physics, U.S. Naval Academy.

2017– now: Associate Professor of Physics (tenured), U.S. Naval Academy

  1. Nihar Pradhan (Fall 2007 – M.S. May 2009 – Ph.D. May 2010), “Thermoconductivity of nanowires, nanotubes, and polymer-nanotube composites”.

2010– 2012: Post-doctoral Fellowship, U. of Mass. Amherst.

2012– 2017: Post-doctoral Research Scientist, National High-Magnetic Field Laboratory, FL

2017– now: Assistant Professor Of Physics, Jackson State University, FL

  1. Krishna Sigdel (Spring 2007 – M.S. May 2009 – Ph.D. May 2011), “Phase transitions studies of liquid crystal colloids with solvents and nano-solids”.

2011: 3rd Place Science Division, GRAD

2011– 2018: Post-doctoral Fellowship, Prof. Gavin M. King, U. of Missouri, Columbia.

2018– now: Assistant Professor of Physics, Cal. Poly. State U., Pomona, CA.

  1. Parvalathlu Kalakonda (Fall 2010 – M.S. May 2011 – Ph.D. May 2013), “Thermodynamic and thin film study of liquid crystalline polymers, polymers, and nano-particle colloidal dispersions”.

2013– 2014: Post-doctoral Fellowship, Prof. M. Islam, Carnegie Mellon University.

2014– now: Research Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, University in Bengaluru, India.

  1. Klaida Kashuri (Summer 2005 – M.S. May 2008 – Ph.D. May 2014), “Calorimetric study of protein unfolding and self-assembly of sterols/biomaterials”.

2014 – now: Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, WPI.

  1. Saad Al-Garni (Fall 2010 – M.S. May 2011 – Ph.D. May 2015), “Development and application of an Area Recorded Generalized Optical Scattering – ARGOS – technique” (fully supported by Saudi Government).

2015 – now: Assistant Professor of Physics, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

  1. Mashael A. Alghamdi (Spring 2012 – M.S. May 2014 – Ph.D. now), “Ellipsometry of thin-films and nano-composites”. (fully supported by Saudi Government).
  2. Atanu Chatterjee (Spring 2016 – now), “Far from equilibrium complex systems”.
  3. Anusuya Pal (Summer 2017 – now), “experimental biophysics, proteins+LCs”.





Dr. Dipti Sharma, Post-doctoral associate (July 2004– June 2007).

Dr. Saimir Barjami, Research scientist (June 2005– August 2005).

Dr. Hektor Kashori, Assistant Teaching Professor (August 2009– now)

Dr. Sabyasachi Sarkar, Assistant Teaching Professor (August 2011– now)