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--* Gracie Sheng ***

Mass Academy Co2023

I'm a high school senior interested in math and computer science.
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Contact: gsheng@wpi.edu

. About .


I first encountered the oboe in the fifth grade music program at my elementary school, where I began to play in the school band. Since February of 2020, I have been taking lessons for oboe at David French Music in Westborough, MA. I have had the opportunity to be the principal oboist in orchestra and band at the Central District Music Festival as well as qualifying for the All-State Music Festival. Last year, I was a member of the WPI Philharmonic Orchestra and the New England Conservatory of Music Senior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble (MYWE). This year I will be playing at NEC again but in another ensemble, the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (YPO).


I have been playing the piano since I was seven years old. In 2020, I completed my preparatory certification at the Piano Guild of the American College of Musicians. Click to see some videos!

Iridium - Community Service

Iridium Tutoring is a 501(c)(3) that provides free tutoring online. My friends and I founded Iridium in 2020, and the organization currently serves 350 students in Massachusetts. Over the past year, the volunteers at Iridium have contributed over 5000 hours of peer-to-peer support to the community. We are working to further our impact across the New England region. In addition, we have organized free introductory coding classes at local libraries, algebra classes, and webinars in collaboration with student organizations at MIT and Boston University on advice for high school academics and college applications.


Ever since I was little, I have always loved drawing and painting. Click to view my work!

. Senior Year Academics @ WPI .

Ordinary Differential Equations


Probability for Applications


Principles of Real Analysis


Acc. Introduction to Program Design


Acc. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts




Principles of Thermodynamics


Introduction to Literature


World Literatures: Best of Russian Literature


Introductory Microeconomics


Behavioral Economics


. Junior Year Academics .


Math was taught by Mr. Regele. Unlike in traditional high school math classes, we did not learn a full-year course on only Algebra or only Geometry or only Precalculus. Rather, the class focused on problem solving strategies with an emphasis on modeling and presentation skills. Our problem sets were derived from the Park City Math Institute, Algebra Through Problem Solving, and Phillips Exeter problem books.

Computer Science

Computer Science was taught by Mrs. Taricco. At the beginning of the year, we learned HTML and CSS to create student websites like this one. Later, we learned Java and programming concepts to prepare for the AP Computer Science exam. Finally, we ended the year with the Apps for Good project, which involved the development of an app over several months in a team setting.


Physics was taught by Mr. Ellis. The curriculum, incorporating concepts in both algebra and calculus, was aligned with AP Physics I took the calculus track, which covered the AP Physics C: Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism exams. Much emphasis was placed on process over result, and this made the class very enjoyable!


STEM was taught by Dr. Crowthers. STEM1 was a 5-month-long individual research project involving scientific and technical writing. STEM2 was a 3-month-long team project regarding assistive technology.


Humanities was taught by Ms. Small. The class combined English and history into one and explored the central question: what does it mean to be to human? We often had full-class discussions rather than lectures on readings, and this structure facilitated the development of a distinctive voice in writing.


Spanish was taught my Mrs. Wildfong. Before transferring to Mass Academy, I learned Latin at school. Since Mass Academy does not offer a Latin course, I was placed in a Spanish class, which was taught in an immersion style. Rarely were we expected to translate between Spanish and English. Instead, we had to speak (and think!) solely in Spanish during class to maximize the learning experience.