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Language classes are taught by Mrs. Wildfong. There is advanced Spanish, intermediate Spanish, advanced French, and intermediate French. I am in the intermediate Spanish class. The classes are taught in the targeted language, and we are required to only speak the targeted language during class. We get to learn a lot about the culture, watch movies, and practice conversional skills. Below are some of my work!


One of our mini projects was to create memes related to Mass Academy in spanish. Here is one of the memes that I made! (Translation: How I speak in Spanish… But Mrs. Wildfong understands)

Art Presentation

We had an assignment where we were able to pick one famous Spanish artist and prepare a slideshow to present in front of the class (all done in Spanish of course). A short introduction of the artist including his/her art style starts off the presentation, followed by descriptions of some of the artist’s work. This allowed for oral practice and correcting any grammatical errors.