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Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase. We cover all the content for AP Physics I and AP Physics C Motion, as well as an exposure to the content for AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism. We also have the option to take this class algebra-based or calculus-based. Mrs. Chase does a lot of demos in class that are fun to watch and help with visualizing how physics affect certain things. Below are some of my works!

Dynamics Lab

This is a lab that we did in class where we split into groups and choose or come up with a question to investigate. My group decided to explore how different pulling forces affect the coefficient of friction. We did this by dragging a shoe at a constant speed across a board at increasing heights and collect data using a sensor. Attached is a lab write up done independently after we did our experiment.

Momentum Investigation

Another investigation that we did in class within groups involved momentum. We used a sensor to measure the velocity of two carts and pushed them towards each other to model a collision. This allows us to see the application of the impulse-momentum theory as well as conservation of momentum and energy based on the velocities of the cart immediately after the collision.