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WPI's Got What...?

Congratulations and thanks to our graduating Senior fencers, current and past.
E.C. Finken; Danny Ribaudo; Maggie Gaffney; Garrett Smith; Amelia Nishimura; Jesse Abeyta; Alex Bell;
Will Luca; Justine Roy; Griffen Spincken; Liz Raine; Clayton Dembski;
Sydney Fisher; Evan Kelly; Chris Beauregard; Mike Taylor; Simon Redding; Josh Denoncour;
Alex Moore; Matt Schwartzman; Jarret Sarnell;
Kyle Young; Miya Gaskell; Keith Rockwood; Alex Bittle;
Evan Baum; Nick Picard; Ozan Akyildiz; Perry Franklin; Samee Swartz

In response to COVID-19 the WPI Fencing Club held the first
in-person practice sessions this past academic year, in D-term.
All previous practices for that AY had been online.
Practices in A term 2021 will be in person.
Announcements of details will be posted here, and sent to members via WPI's TechSync.
Join the WPI Fencing Club using TechSync = https://wpi.campuslabs.com/engage/

All fencers are required to complete the Club Sports Liability form
and take the online Concussion course.
Both can be found via Techsync under Club Sports.
All members are required to be fully vaccinated.
All fencers will need to wear face coverings during practice.
For questions please contact fencing [at] wpi.edu

Please see the WPI Fencing group page on Facebook for Fencing videos and other material.


=== First A term 2021-22 Fencing Club Practice ===

ALL Fencers including beginners
Monday 30th August --- 7-9 pm

= Harrington Auditorium =

Practices are usually 2 hours.

PE credit (PE 1205) is only available in A term and B term,
for beginners and experienced fencers. Credit is for attendance.
If you wish to learn to fence, please start in A term by attending club practices.
If you start in B term then you will be behind, and it is impossible to catch up.
You can come to the practices without registering for PE credit if you want.

C and D term practices are for fencers with at least 2 terms of experience, with no PE credit available.
Note that the club can provide equipment for new fencers to use.
For in person practices, if you already have some of your own, please bring it.

[ Club Practice A'16 ]   [A'15 practice]   [A'14 practice]

Worcester Fencing Club Competition Sept 2019
Sydney (WF) & Cabot (MF);

Worcester Fencing Club NEUSFA E and Under Competition Jan 2019
Chris, MS 1st;

Worcester Fencing Club NEUSFA Unrated Competition 2018
Harrison, MS 3rd;

WPI Epee and Saber: Worcester Fencing Club NEUSFA Unrated Competition 2017
ME 1st &3rd; MS 1st & 3rd;

WPI Fencing Team: New England Collegiate Club Competition 2017
MF individual 1st, team 1st; ME individual 1st, team 2nd; MS team 3rd; WF team 3rd; WS individual 3rd, team 3rd.

WPI Fencing Team: 3rd place in MF and MS: 2014 NE Collegiate Club Championships

WPI Mens Epee Squad: 3rd Place: 2012 NE Collegiate Club Championships

  Fencing at the Olympics

  FIE Centennial

Fencing Club Alum:
Scott McKenzie reports in 2009: "I am a graduate of WPI, class of '76, and was in the Fencing Club 1975-76. In fact, I fenced in the New England Championships in sabre my senior year. I won about half my bouts. I am glad to see that the Fencing Club still exists when so much else has changed. I can still remember our roadtrips, we would carry extra gasoline in our car trunks due to the gas shortages. I remember that a female fencer from the '32 Olympics would occasionally come and practice with us..."

WPI Fencing: The Little One @MHC Feb 2020

WPI Fencing: UNH Invitational Multimeet 2020

WPI Fencing: WPI vs. WFC January 2020

WPI Fencing: The Big One Nov 2019

WPI Fencing: The Small One @UConn Oct 2019

WPI Fencing: WPI vs. WFC 2019

WPI Fencing: Mount Holyoke College Little One 2018

WPI Fencing: The Big One 2018

The WPI Fencing Club has been active for over 50 years.
It is open to any WPI student who is interested in Fencing.

  • A term in person practice 2021
      Mon Aug 30: 7-9pm
      Thu Sep 2: 7-9pm
      Mon Sep 6: 7-9pm
      Thu Sep 9: 9-10:45pm **note time
      Mon Sep 13: 7-9pm
      Tue Sep 14: 7-9pm
      Thu Sep 16: 7-9pm
      Mon Sep 20: 7-9pm
      Thu Sep 23: 7-9pm
      Mon Sep 27: 7-9pm
      Tue Sep 28: 7-9pm 
      Thu Sep 30: 7-9pm
      Mon Oct 4: 7-9pm
      Thu Oct 7: 7-9pm
      Mon Oct 11: 7-9pm 
      Tue Oct 12: 7-9pm

  • B term 2020-21 Practice:
      All practices online at 8pm.
      There are General (for all), Foil, Epee, and Saber practices.
      See detailed Syllabus for more information (sent to members via TechSync).
      Oct 2020
      R 22 General  
      F 23 General
      M 26 General
      T 27 Foil
      R 29 Saber
      F 30 Epee
      Nov 2020
      M 2  Foil
      T 3  General
      R 5  Epee
      F 6  Saber
      M 9  General
      T 10 Foil
      R 12 Saber 
      F 13 Epee
      M 16 Foil
      T 17 General
      R 19 Epee
      F 20 Saber
      M 23 Epee
      T 24 Saber
      R 26 --
      F 27 --  
      M 30 Foil
      Dec 2020
      T 1  General
      R 3  Saber
      F 4  Epee
      M 7  General
      T 8  Foil
      R --
      F -- 

  • C term 2020-21 Practice: (8-9pm online)
      R 28 Jan - Foil, Epee & Saber
      M  1 Feb - F
      T  2 Feb - E
      R  4 Feb - S
      M  8 Feb - S
      T  9 Feb - F
      R 11 Feb - E
      Sa 13 Feb --
      M 15 Feb - E
      T 16 Feb - S
      R 18 Feb - F
      Sa 20 Feb --
      M 22 Feb - F
      T 23 Feb - E
      R 25 Feb - S
      Sa 27 Feb --
      M  1 Mar - S
      T  2 Mar - F
      R  4 Mar - E
      Sa 6 Mar --
      M  8 Mar - E
      T  9 Mar - S
      R 11 Mar - F 
      Sa 13 Mar --
      M 15 Mar ----
      T 16 Mar ----
      R 18 Mar ----

  • D term 2020-21 In-person Practice:
      All practices 9:00-10:30pm
      Tue 30 Mar
      Thu 1 Apr
      Tue 6 Apr
      Thu 8 Apr
      Tue 13 Apr
      Thu 15 Apr
      Tue 20 Apr
      Thu 22 Apr
      Tue 27 Apr
      Thu 29 Apr
      Tue 4 May
      Thu 6 May

The Fencing Club Officers, who run the club and schedule matches, are elected each year by the club members.

Coach and Club Advisor is Dave Brown. (dcb [at] wpi.edu) {home page} {fencing vita}
Assistant Coach is Doug Jacobs.

The club encourages Fencing Club Alumni to keep in touch and return to fence the current club teams.

An alternative to fencing at WPI is to contact Worcester Fencing Club and take a class there.
In non-COVID times, Coach Syd Fadner welcomes WPI students at WFC's Open Fencing on Wednesday evenings.

For those living outside Worcester, consider one of the other great Fencing Clubs in the New England Area.
Directions to WPI are available.

For further information, and to arrange matches, contact:

WPI Fencing Club, Club Sports, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Rd., Worcester, MA 01609 Email: fencing [at] wpi.edu URL: http://www.wpi.edu/~fencing/

Lots of Information About Fencing:


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