I love art because it's the perfect outlet for endless creativity and exploration. I've learned a lot from creating, whether it be drawing techniques or lessons on perseverance. Making art can be frustrating at times, but it's not something I'll ever give up.

I'm most comfortable with pencil portraits, though over the past few years I've challenged myself to explore new mediums and subjects, as well as enter art competitions. One of my most recent drawings has received a High Merit award in Celebrating Art's art anthology.

Two watercolor paintings, one in cool tones, one in warm tones, of a giant shrimp attacking a city. Portrait of myself eating a dougnut off a string in kindergarten. Digital drawing of a swimming bulldog. Drawing of a girl with a sphere holding an ocean scene in front of her forehead. A watercolor sketch of three cats. A pencil portrait of a girl. An illustration of some cluttered shelves. A drawing of a person pushing apart two walls trying to crush them. A watercolor sketch of a burger. My hummingbird drawing in a gray frame.


I also love dance. Though I do get nervous before competing on stage, I always enjoy my time practicing and performing. Dance has taught me to have more confidence in myself, as well as that consistent effort and thorough preparation go a long way. I grew up constantly reading a poster in my dance studio that said, “Never settle for less than your best”. Sadly, the poster's been taken down, but I still apply its motto to everything I do. Overall, I’d say that dance has played a fundamental role in my growth, and I look forward to continuing my journey to improve. My studio's name is Greendale Dance Academy; here's their website!

Me doing a middle split. Me doing an aerial.


I participate in many of Mass Academy's clubs, like Birdwatching, the school newspaper, Cooking Club, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). The people here are all unique, and there's something for everyone's interests. While I was at my sending school, Westborough High School, I was a member in clubs including Science Olympiad, Art Club, and Math Team.

Community Service

I volunteer at the Aging Well Adult Day Health Center and the Friends Bookstore at the Worcester Public Library. Both places are full of kind, thoughtful people, so I always enjoy my time volunteering.

Aging Well is a center that provides elders in the community with enrichment and care. There are many fun activities and welcoming staff there, so it's a wonderful place to be! I've helped out with many things during my time at Aging Well, from serving meals to leading games and translating questions for the nurses.

The Friends Bookstore is a bookstore that is completely volunteer-run, and all profits go towards supporting the Worcester Public Library and its community. My favorite job I do there is sorting through and cleaning up books, though I also work the cash register, assist customers, and help organize the store. The bookstore could always use more customers and volunteers!

A photo of some of Agingwell's clients taking a group photo with the former director. A photo of me working at the Friends Bookstore.


Since I have no siblings, I begged my parents for a dog or cat growing up. Though they finally relented after over a decade, the damage from years without a furry companion had been done: I’d developed an ever-growing obsession with my friends’ pets and other animals. As a result of visiting several cities this summer, I ended up with many pictures of pigeons to add to the animal pictures clogging up my phone storage. If you'd like to see some of my photos, they're in the gallery!

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