Me taking a picture of my friends from MAMS A picture with friends on the train. Myself and two of
		my friends from Chinese school, as well as their younger siblings, 
		taking a group photo while sitting on a tree. Myself and two of my childhood 
		friends from Holden taking a commemorative photo of our five-year reunion A pigeon. A neighbor's cat laying like superman A duck joining me on a bench with my friends taking pictures. Nellie laying on my lap. Me, in elementary school, proudly standing in front of a very tall snowman. My family taking a selfie in front of many flowers. Myself and my cousins eating hotpot Me standing next to some giant leafy plants.] Myself and two of my friends
		 from Westborough making a heart with our hands. A picture outside with two of my friends. Me sitting on a playground cricket ride. Me sitting with a puppy on my lap. Me bending backwards in an archway at prom. My cat sleeping in her cat tree. Me doing an elbowstand with my legs in a split. Me laughing with friends at prom. My cat staring down at the camera.

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