Course Description

Sra. Wildfong teaches Spanish.

The language classes at Mass Academy are complete immersion courses. We learn the target language, in my case Spanish, through exposure to the language in the form of literature, films, games, and discussions. No English is permitted in the classroom, even for students new to the language such as myself.

Artist Presentation

One of our first assignments was to research and present a slideshow on an artist. As with the rest of our total-immersion Spanish course, during the presentation, we could only speak in Spanish. I found this assignment challenging because I had no prior experience taking Spanish before junior year, so I had just begun picking up the language at the time of the presentation. Overall, though, I enjoyed this project: it helped me practice my Spanish and introduced me to an artist I didn’t know of before. As for the actual content of our presentations, they needed to contain the artist’s birthplace, the dates of their birth and death, and the style of their artwork. We then needed to choose three of their pieces to describe, with details such as the location of objects in them to the colors used. My artist was Xul Solar, an Argentine painter. He was born on December 14th, 1887, and died on April 9th, 1963. His paintings, four of which are in the slideshow below, feature vivid colors, geometric shapes, and simple figures.

Spanish Memes

For our meme assignment, we had to make three original memes in Spanish, which I found to be more challenging than I expected. Still, it was a lot of fun making and sharing my memes, as well as seeing those of others.

The first meme I have below is my favorite; it’s about one of my classmates, Kweku, who often loses his phone. At the time of the assignment, whenever the dinging of a lost phone echoed through the halls of MAMS, it could be attributed to Kweku’s phone. His searches were quite entertaining, especially when they culminated in finding the phone sitting on a table or in his bag all along.

The second meme was inspired by the fish we have in our library. Feeding them was quite a popular activity at the beginning of the year, so much so that we ended up with a sign-up sheet and a schedule for their feedings. Feeding the fish is only ever so slightly more popular than doing homework.

The final meme is about another MAMS junior, Charles. At MAMS, each student works on a STEM I project, for which we needed to write a project proposal at the beginning of the year. By the time most of us narrowed down our project idea and started writing our proposals, Charles had already finished his and started on his project.

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