Course Description

Mrs. Chase teaches physics.

In physics, we learn about topics such as mechanics, electricity, and waves. We investigate each by developing our own experiments or observing demonstrations then modeling relationships with equations and graphs. Additionally, while solving problems, we work both independently and collaboratively and report our findings through written reports and presentations. Our physics class closely follows that of the AP physics curriculum, with both an algebra and a calculus track available.

Car Lab

The Car Lab was one of our first physics labs. It was done at the beginning of the year, when we were exploring the relationships between distance, velocity, and acceleration. In the lab, we had to investigate the motion of two different cars. One car was battery-operated, while the other was a cart that could not move on its own. We worked in small groups to design the system we would use to investigate the speed and acceleration of each car. Following setup, we collected data and communicated results with a written report. My partners for this lab were Anyee and Nihitha.

Momentum Lab

In our momentum lab, we worked in groups to investigate collisions between two cars. I worked with Amy and Suhruth on this lab. I thought it was fun, and it helped further my understanding of momentum and energy. We collected data such as velocity and mass to investigate questions on how kinetic energy changed during different collisions and whether the impulse-momentum theorum held true during different scenarios. Each group then made and presented a slideshow of the two problems they investigated, as well as an interesting feature from the software we used to graph our data.

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