About Me


A group photo of the MAMS class of 2024 at Bournedale!

Hello again! Thank you for your interest in me. As you know, my name is Emily Wang. I'm 17 years old, an only child, and part of the MAMS class of 2024. I like soft cookies, my friends and family, and exploring new places. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, though I’ve moved towns a few times. In sixth grade, we moved from Holden to Westborough, where I studied until entering Mass Academy in my junior year. The people here at MAMS are a brilliant, supportive community that I’m proud to be a part of. I look forward to my future here!
(Can you find me in this group photo?)

My Family

For most of my life, my immediate family has just been my mom, my dad, and me. I look up to my parents, both of whom were born with little but built successful lives through relentless pursuit of their goals. They're charismatic and capable, and I hope to make them proud.

My parents, Nellie, and me sitting for a group selfie

My Mom!

My mom sitting by a lake.

My mom's name is Xiaofei E. She's a scientist working on gene therapy. She's patient, diligent, and shares my love of noodles.

My Dad!

My dad's name is James Wang. He's a scientist working on cell therapy. He's smart, ambitious, and shares my love of sweets.

My dad posing for a picture on a mountain in China


I've always wanted a dog, but when I finally convinced my parents to get a pet, I fell in love at first sight with a sweet and rotund cat. She quickly won over my parents, too. Meet Nellie, a shoe-enthusiast and destroyer of egg cartons!

My dilute calico cat, Nellie, sitting like a person. My cat, Nellie, laying with her head on a shoe. My dilute calico cat, Nellie, next to a bush 
				on her royal blue leash.

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