volunteering in junior year

Mass Academy requires their juniors to complete 50 hours of community service over the course of the year. I participated in two activities for my community service, both of which involved working with children. The first was volunteering as a Teacher Assistant at a Sunday School, and the second was tutoring with elementary school students.

teaching assistant

This year I volunteered as a teaching assistant at the Sunday School I used to go to in Wayland, MA. My class had 10 kindergarteners. The students had two sessions around an hour long each. My job was to keep the kids engaged and doing attendance or making photocopies. I would often organize short creative activities for class and occasionally teach the class if the teachers were. Due to the pandemic, the school year started out online, but transferred to in-person in late March. Keeping them engaged online was challenging, however they enjoyed interactive games like Kahoot. This volunteering experience taught me about patience and how to interact and engage young children in online and in-person environments.


This year I also tutored 6th graders from Abby Kelly Foster Charter Public School. The tutoring program was facilitated by students at Mass Academy. Throughout the course of the year, I tutored two students in English and Math. Due to the pandemic, the tutoring occurred online. One of the challenges of tutoring this year was learning how to explain things multiple different ways and thinking on my feet, this was also hindered by the limitations of online tutoring. Overall, I think it was a valuable experience that taught me a lot.


Since my community service involved working with young children, the selection of pictures I can share here is limited. However, from my teacher assitant role I do have a few pictures of their arts and crafts as well as a picture with my teacher. I apologize for Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from RSI tutoring.

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