The intermediate Spanish class at Mass Academy is taught by Mrs.Wildfong and prioritizes immersive learning over memorization. It is more favorable to understand grammar rules and form sentences even if the help of a dictionary is required to account for a small vocabulary. Common activities in class often include critically listening to Spanish songs, watching a Spanish tv show, or playing board games in Spanish.

receta de presentación

One such activity was when we picked a recipe from a Spanish Country and cooked it at home. We then brought those dishes in to share with the class. Afterwards we were required to give a presentation on our recipe and our process (to the right). I made Torta de Maíz from the Dominican Republic (If the embedded pdf does not work, click here to see the pdf)

bterm listeing log

Prior to attending Mass Academy, I took Mandarin for five years. Although I had little to no Spanish knowledge at the beginning of the year, I feel that the structure of the class has aided in my rapid understanding of the language. My vocabulary is still a bit lacking, however, I am making strides to increase it. One of the recurring assignments is to listen to content in Spanish and logging what happened. During B term, I watched movies that I had previously watched in English and watched them with Spanish dubbing. Typically, in each term we are required to complete around 15 to 20 logs, each around 20 minutes long before the end of the term (to the left). (If the embedded pdf does not work, click here to see the pdf)