Physics at Mass Academy is taught by Mr.Ellis and follows a curriculum similar to that for AP Physics I or AP Physics C. Problems often are of high difficulty, however the class prioritizes showing due process over accuracy. Physics is another class that is highly collaborative.

uber rocket

Most units in Physics follow a general schedule of events. First we learn all the content and do basic practice problems along the way. Then we are given end of chapter (eoc) problems to apply these concepts. Sometimes this will be followed by another complex problem, called an Uber Problem. We must solve the problem and then provide a writeup for the solution (on the right). (If the embedded pdf does not work, click here to see the pdf)

penny drop lab

Due to the nature of the fast paced class, labs are not too frequent. However, we did do a lab where we had to develop from the hypothesis all the way to the conclusions. The purpose of such a lab was to give us practice with creating methods discussing conclusions and data analysis. The lab was observing the relationship between the height from which a penny is dropped and the time it takes for the penny to hit the ground. After completing the lab, we had to do a writeup for the whole lab (on the left). (If the embedded pdf does not work, click here to see the pdf)