Evaluating WIMP Dark Matter Candidacy with Distant Astrophysical Phenomena

Project Importance

The presence of dark matter is five times greater than that of normal matter. The presence of dark matter significantly affects the shape and characteristics of the universe and objects within its bounds; the universe would look drastically different without dark matter. Consequently, expanding human knowledge within the field of astrophysics and space in totality necessitates determining the attributes of dark matter. However, in the 150 years since its initial proposed existence, the defined properties and model for dark matter have not been found. Examining a primary candidate for the particle model of dark matter, this project aims at providing further evidence evaluating the candidacy of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) using indirect detection methods. Recent studies within this field have focused on local galaxies for dark matter surveys, and have not provided significant evidence confirming or denying the existence of WIMPs. This study examines a new class of object for the surveys - distant galaxies, with the goal of contributing to the search for WIMP dark matter by providing unique data.

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