Course Description

These collaborative immersion courses focus on acquiring language proficiency through the use of authentic materials, including literature, music, film, discussions, and games. Students understand grammar in meaningful contexts and engage in project-based learning as they produce podcasts, make movies, and engage in small group projects. Students are assessed on their individual progress via video, audio, and written portfolios.

Casa Essay

To assist in our understanding of prepositional phrases, Señora Wildfong requested that we describe three rooms within our house in Spanish. This project was not only incredibly fun, it challenged me to apply my foundational Spanish vocabulary to explain situations within my house’s room set up.

Spanish Artist Presentation

Mid-way through A-term, we created a presentation revolving around a Spanish artist and their work; I selected Salvador Dalí. For this assignment, I needed to understand past and present verb structure, prepositions, adjectives, and more. This assignment utilized not only my use of Spanish grammar but also helped me to verbally convey my thoughts and ideas to an audience in Spanish.