About Me

Who am I?

I was born and raised in the small town of Sterling, MA where we joke that there are more cows than residents. I am a bit of an expert at switching schools; on my quest to find a STEM-oriented education, I’ve attended Houghton Elementary, Thomas Prince, Worcester Academy (7-10), and now Mass Academy. I am excited to be at MAMS with other students who are passionate about learning. I am an only child, which allows me the opportunity to try anything that I take an interest in - you name a sport or a science-oriented activity, and I’ve probably done it!

Image of me sharing my elevator pitch for my STEM project idea at Camp Bournedale

My Passion

From a young age, space has fascinated me. The many unknown and undiscovered facets that envelop our planet inspires me to further my understanding of how the fundamental laws of the universe affect it on a macro scale. Since I was a toddler, I loved to watch space shows such as Space’s Deepest Secrets and Cosmos. I currently plan to major in astrophysics and have explored this field through leading and participating in research and activities including leading a NASA TechRise winning team, completing a science fair project simulating the effects of the heat transfer from a satellite-based solar collector to orbital debris, developing a machine-learning algorithm that determines the exoplanet characteristics given transit data, and co-founding a theoretical physics club at my sending school.

Image of the Carina Nebula taken by James Webb


I was able to take my learning outside of the classroom and apply it to a multitude of extracurriculars, including the Math Team, the Robotics Team, the Theoretical Physics Club—which I founded with my friend, and the Science Fair Club at my sending school. As a part of the Science Fair Club, I designed a project, Simulating the Effects of Solar Collectors on Orbital Space Debris, which won an honorable mention at the Worcester Regional Science Fair. At Mass Academy, I am continuing to challenge myself with clubs, including the Robotics Team and CAD.

In addition to learning outside the classroom, I also enjoy engaging in student leadership opportunities. At Worcester Academy, I served as a 9th and 10th-grade class officer and would have served as the Master Prefect on the Board of Monitors for my junior year had I stayed at my sending school. Throughout my 4 years at Worcester Academy, I’ve served as a student ambassador and acted as the school mascot – Oskee, to spread community spirit.

Image of me and the other members of the NASA TechRise Student Challenge-winning team


Sports and athletics have always played a large role in my life. I’ve found that sports serve as an outlet for me to clear my head and enable me to be more prepared for the challenges that life and school bring. I started swimming around the age of 2, and have been on competitive swim teams since I was six, including Greenwood, Evolution, Bryant Bulldogs, and the Stingrays. I was also on the Worcester Academy Varsity Boys swim team for my four years at the school, serving as co-captain of the team during my sophomore year. As soon as the pandemic allowed, I took up crew and rowing quickly became another favorite sport of mine; I served as co-captain for the Worcester Academy crew team during my sophomore year. You’ll find me on the water five days a week as I continue to row through the Lake Quinsigamond Rowing Club.

During the pandemic, when many team sports were put on hold, I discovered boxing. Boxing is a true escape for me. The intricacies of the footwork and the almost chess-like nature of needing to anticipate moves provides a true mental escape for me. I do feel the need to point out that I do not hit anyone in the ring (that’s not for me); I only hit the pads.

Image of me getting into a quad rowing boat while at Worcester Academy

Science and Service

I enjoy sharing my love for learning with others in the community, and benefitting the world around me. Over the summer of 2022, I was a part of a small group of Worcester Academy students selected to take part in a research trip to the Galapagos islands. There, I collected field data on the giant tortoise populations, removed invasive giant snail populations, and cataloged and cleaned microplastics on the beach. Additionally, I serve as a math and SAT tutor at MathAltitude School of Mathematics in Worcester helping students ranging from grades 6 to 11. This summer, I began volunteering in the Worcester Ecotarium’s Curator’s Workshop, where I help kids learn by teaching them how to connect their science knowledge and observations to formulate ideas and make connections.

Logo of the Ecotarium in Worcester, where I volunteer

Communitiy Service

ECOTARIUM: In 2022, I became a volunteer at the Curator’s Workshop at the Ecotarium educating visitors on natural artifacts through presentations and answering their questions. I work to engage children and introduce the scientific method by asking them questions. This unique environment allows children to touch, hold and ask questions about a variety of artifacts including fossils, shells, and bones. Volunteering at the Ecotarium has allowed me to share my passion for science with children and gives me the opportunity to help them find and encourage their own curiosity. I’ve learned a lot about how to vary my communication style to keep children of different ages and interest levels engaged.

Logo of the Ecotarium in Worcester, where I volunteer

MATH ALTITUDE: As a volunteer tutor at MathAltitude I worked with elementary and middle school students in a variety of math subjects. I was responsible for providing feedback to teachers on student progress. Working as a tutor raised my level of respect for teachers and challenged me to think creatively to help others reach solutions to problems.

Logo of the MathAltitude in Worcester, where I volunteer

MEDLIFE: Over the summer in 2021, I was fortunate enough to volunteer with MEDLIFE and help contribute to the organization's work focused on alleviating the effects of the public health crisis in Peru exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. I created a campaign to educate school-age children on the importance of vaccination. I was responsible for organizing and administering a social media fundraising campaign, raising over $2000 to combat food insecurity in Peru. This experience enlightened me on how fortunate I am to have easy access to medical care and the many things I may take for granted in my everyday life such as having balanced meals each day.

Logo of the Ecotarium in Worcester, where I volunteer

WILDTRUST: During the summer of 2020, I volunteered with WILDTRUST to create a curriculum to educate elementary school children about the dangers of poaching. After learning more about the impact of poaching and its far reaching consequences, I ran a fundraising campaign to raise over $1800 to adopt an orphaned baby rhino.

Logo of the Ecotarium in Worcester, where I volunteer