Mathematical Modeling

Math is taught by Mr. Regele. It is a very student-centered class, with almost all of the learning coming from other students. A regular class consists of going over the previous night’s homework, trying challenging problems, and receiving “class gifts” (homework). Math class places a heavy emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, which I enjoy.

The largest group project we worked on in math was the High School Mathematical Competition in Modeling (HiMCM). It was a 36 hour (actually more like 48 hours, but who’s counting?) long competition (with plenty of breaks for ping pong), where I worked in a team of 4 to solve one mathematical modeling problem about energy storage optimization and write up our solution. My team consisted of Diego, Krishna, Justin, and myself. The problem and our solution are below.

A large part of our math class is learning how to use a software called Mathematica, developed by Wolfram. Although sometimes frustrating to use, it is a powerful tool for solving large problems. One problem and its solution are shown below.