Computer Science

Computer Science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. We started the year with website development (HTML, CSS), and then moved to Java. I really enjoy doing exercise problems for Java, which often take creative thinking to solve. This class goes beyond AP CS A curriculum, and we took the exam.

Apps for Good (AFG) is a project in which we are encouraged to develop our own mobile applications using Android Studio. My group, which consisted of Karisma Lavana, Sashank Tadimeti, and myself, created Donateables. Donateables is a mobile application designed to assist in the seamless communication between non-profit organizations in need of donations, and individuals in the community with items to donate.

When brainstorming for ideas, we noticed that the pandemic had exacerbated supply shortages and pushed donation numbers to a record low. In part, this may have been due to quarantining decreasing the amount of time people were spending outdoors and in contact with others, decreasing the connection between local organizations and their communities. We decided that a mobile application would be the perfect solution, allowing users to find places near them to donate without leaving the house, and allowing organizations to post requests in a place that would always be visited (the internet!).

Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was an app that allowed individuals to upload items with quantities, and matched these to requests from organizations.

Our app is designed with two audiences in mind. Both individuals and organizations are provided with an intuitive design upon sign-in, which allows them to upload offers (things to donate), requests (things they want), view local offers and requests, view a list of their own, and view any matches they have with the corresponding party. Utilizing our matching algorithm, we pull data from our database (firebase) to satisfy a number of requirements, making sure that offers are paired with requests only if they are in the same geographical region and are describing the same item.

One exercise we had recently was called “Magic Squares”. This exercise, shown below, asks to fill a square of side length n in a specific way. My solution is also shown below.

Magic Squares Problem

Another interesting problem was called “Bulgarian Solitaire”. The problem and my solution are shown below.

Bulgarian Solitaire Problem