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David in Iceland

My name is David Zhukovsky, and I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. I have spent 11 years in Newton Public Schools, but moved to MAMS upon being accepted in 2021. At Newton North High School, my favorite classes were Math and Computer Science, although Computer Science probably wins. I live in Newton, MA with my family, all of whom immigrated to the US from the USSR. In the USSR, my dad also attended a math and science school, and my family always placed a heavy emphasis on education. I am excited to be at MAMS where I can solve interesting problems with like-minded individuals.

David in Switzerland

I participate in many extracurriculars, such as Math Team, CAD, Russian Math, Karate, and Tutoring. I have been tutoring SAT Math for over a year, and I’ve had students from all over the world, from Russia, to Hong Kong, to Cyprus, to Latvia, to all over the US. I started tutoring with TakZhu when the pandemic hit. I have been doing Karate since I was 6, and I now have my brown belt. I have taken Russian Math since I was five, first at the Studio of Engaging Math and then with TR Consulting, and I grew to love it in early middle school. I am trying Math Team and CAD for the first time at MAMS this year, and I’ll update this site when I get a better idea of how they go. So far I really like the opportunity to do more math in math team, and will likely use the CAD skills I learn for my STEM Project.

David in Iceland

Outside of school, I have many hobbies, such as Investing and Jazz Trumpet, as well as travelling, skiing, and hiking. I began playing trumpet in 4th grade, and played in my school’s symphonic band for 5 years, Newton All City Band for 2 years, and Jazz bands for 3 (There is overlap). There are two videos of me improvising linked below. One is to Bossa Nova, while the other is to a simple B♭ blues in the West Coast style. I picked up investing in the beginning of 9th grade, and I highly recommend reading “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. I find doing financial research is a great way to see math in action and make it work for you. It's also a good way to relate world news to your own life, and force yourself to keep up with current events. I travel a lot, although not so much during COVID, but I have been to many countries and hopefully many more in the future. In the winter, I enjoy skiing, and have skied all of New England, as well as in Canada, Utah, Switzerland, and (technically) Italy. I hike in the fall and spring, and have hiked many mountains in New England.