About Me


Hello! My name is Cameron Whiting and, since kindergarten, I have attended Hopedale Public Schools and lived there my entire life. This year, I transferred to Mass Academy at WPI for my junior and senior year. I am currently 16 years old at the time of publication for this site, but my birthday is in May. I still live in Hopedale with my parents, brother, and dog, Xander. Dylan, my little brother, is two years younger than me which means we fought all the time when we were younger but now that we are both in high school, we share more interests and have pretty much surpassed the sibling rivalry stage. My whole family loves the dog the most, obviously. Xander is a small black puppy and is two years old, but we have no idea what crazy mix of breeds he is because we rescued him from the south back in 2019 and do not know who the father is. I have known every single person in my small grade of 80 students back at Hopedale since we were extremely young so the transition to a new school with all new people has been such an exciting experience and satisfies my extroverted personality greatly, being able to talk to and become close with such interesting students and teachers.


Me Playing Tennis in Highschool

Tennis has been a huge part of my extracurricular life for practically my entire life. My grandfather, who is an avid tennis player even still in his 70’s, introduced me and my brother to the game when we were very young, and I still play with the same energy and excitement I had the first time I picked up a racket. I participate in plenty of clinics as well as private lessons at Westboro Tennis and Swim Club which helps me improve my game during the off seasons. At Hopedale, I have played for the Varsity team since 7th grade because we have a combined 7-12 middle/high school building allowing for the 7th and 8th graders to participate in high school sports. As a team, we won our division and made it to the State Finals every year I played, facing Weston every single time. I hope to return to my sending school to play for my team this spring with hopes of another great small-town playoff run.


Music is also a recurring theme in spare time and has been since I can remember. I dabble in plenty of areas of music including, piano, songwriting, singing, musical acting, and plenty more. I have played piano for 11 years and have been writing my own original music using it for almost 2. I have written two full length songs with lyrics that I never released but also plenty of small melodies and progressions that I hope to work with in the future. I have been with my school chorus since 5th grade as well as a select acapella group since 9th. One of my favorite things to apply my love for singing to is theatre. I have participated in many productions with roles like Mr. Warbucks in Annie, Gomez in Addams Family, and Mr. Green in Clue. These shows are always some of the highlights of my school year and I am really looking forward to returning to Hopedale and putting on another great performance with my good friends this spring.


My family and I love to travel to various locations in the US as well as internationally. I have visited almost half the states in the country but the last two major trips we have taken as a family were Tanzania and Hawaii. Both trips had brutally long plane rides but the destinations were worth every minute. In Africa I had a great time using a Canon DSLR to take thousands of pictures of the landscape and wildlife. For the Hawaii trip I challenged myslef to only use my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to take all of my pictures! Click on the photos below to access a gallery of some of my favorites!

Lion Savannah Sunset