I am currently enrolled in honors Spanish with Sra. Wildfong which takes place in a complete immersion class setting. There is no English spoken during class meaning our brains are able to fully switch into Spanish mode and commit as much to memory as possible. We play games, watch original Spanish content and learn grammar to become more fluent Spanish speakers.



One of the first projects we did was to create memes in Spanish that really encapsulated our experience at MAMS. Krishna and I created many, but these two were selected to be displayed on the bulletin board in the locker hallway.

Meme Meme

Food Presentation

During our food unit, we were able to choose a country and food from that country to make. We did research on the food and exactly how to make it as well as writing the whole process down in Spanish. This allowed us to practice our present perfect conjugations and I got to make a great chocolate dessert!