The physics course, taught by Mr. Ellis, takes us through the AP Physics curriculum but with his own methods which really helps us understand the concepts. The structure of the class is extremely helpful in which we do notes at home and discuss them together in class the next day. He makes sure we are sufficiently prepared for each test with many previous years of practice tests and plenty more practice material. In the wise words of Mr. Ellis "I won't ever let you run out of Physics".


Uber Rocket

This problem was a test of our ability to track values through many steps of kinematic equations. This was introduced in our first unit and was a combination of all the skills we had learned so far. Everybody had different starting values but we all had to apply them to this real-world calculation. After solving the physics, I created this write-up to properly display the pages of handwritten work as well as describe the methods being used.

Uber Pulley

The uber pulley was a similar concept to the uber rocket but for the concepts of forces. We had to track calculations through many steps, solving for the coefficient of friction at the very end of the path. We used concepts of forces as well as previous kinematic equations to work through calculating speeds and frictions of Leaping Larry as he is shot off a ramp with a pulley.