Humanities is our combination here of an English and History course but incorporates so much more than either of those classes might cover in a normal school. Taught by Mrs. Small, we cover a wide variety of readings and concepts that lead us to essays, group projects, plenty of discussion in a comfortably low-pressure environment. Everything we do is connected to the essential question "What does it mean to be human?".


Bradbury Essay

Bradbury was a renowned author who published famous works such as Fahrenheit 451 which is very similar to the two short stories we read as a class. "There Will Come Soft Rains: August 2026" and "The Pedestrian" were set in a future dystopian society in which technology has completed taken over our lives. This essay analyzed which was more effective at conveying its respective theme.

Satire Essay

In our satire unit, we were able to choose any piece of satire we could find and write an essay analyzing its effectiveness. I chose a video called "Modern Educayshun" which criticized our modern education system and society's obsession with labels and equality. This essay outlines the satirical strategies that the director incorporates throughout this short film.