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Patrick in Quebec City

Hi, my name is Chengwei Wang. You can call me Patrick! I was born in Wuhan, China. I grew up and lived in Shanghai for about half my life before moving to the United States during third grade. I am currently a junior at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. My sending school is Westborough High School. Before coming to Mass Academy, I was originally a little apprehensive about switching schools. Regardless, I’m here, ready to learn and apply my knowledge to the world.

About Me


Verity Math Competition Picture

Verity is a non-profit organization started and ran by students based in the local Worcester area. It aims to create opportunities for the community to find and contribute to the good that is being done here in Massachusetts. We aim to promote unity and dedication in improving our communities for the better. Verity is a website that showcases local community organizations, allowing volunteers to discover unique and meaningful ways to make an impact. I am currently a director of the organization.

One project that I was involved in on was our second annual VerityMC math competition, which was a middle school math competition we organized(The picture to the left was taken during the competition over Zoom!). I was a part of every step of the way, when we did out reach, acquired sponsors/funds, wrote competition problems and proctored the competition over Zoom. Through the entire process I learned a lot as well, will be definitely using them to make the next VerityMC even better.


Picture of AIME Qualifiers

Math has always been my favorite subject. When I was offered the chance to partake in math competitions, I immediately jumped on it. During all my middle school and high school years, I have been a part of my school’s math team. I've competed in individual competitions such as the AMC 8 and 10, AIME, IMLEM, MAML and WOCOMAL. I have also competed incompetitions like HMMT, MMaths, UC Berkeley Math Meet, etc. For me, I enjoy competing for the simplistic yet intricate beauty of problem-solving. Some of my favorite achievements include qualifying for AIME(The picture to the right features all of the AIME qualifiers at Westborough High School) and placing 4th in WOCOMAL Varsity Individual last year as a 10th grader.


Patrick Performing

Music has become an integral part of my life ever since I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 years old. In the decade since I have also learned to play guitar, violin, and even trumpet for a year. Ever since the 4th grade, I have played the violin in my school’s orchestra program. In the last 4 years, I have participated in every Junior and Senior Central District Orchestra as well. Playing instruments has also instilled a love for classical music in me. Currently, I am taking violin lessons in addition to playing in the WPI Philharmonic Orchestra.