Language is a class taught by Mrs. Wildfong which is a full emersion Spanish class. At Mass Academy, the classes are broken up based upon what language the student is currently taking. Offered here are intermediate and advanced Spanish and French and I am a part of the intermediate Spanish. In class, we do a variety of activities that help us to learn things such as important Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation. Currently, we are working on a movie project, which is a group project which has us create a mini-movie, trailer, ad, or documentary in Spanish.

spanish food powerpoint

Here is a recipe slideshow that I made about a type of Spanish food for a Spanish food day we had in class. Everyone in the class picked a recipe and made the food along with a slideshow. We all ate it together before giving the slide shows and learning about all the different foods. The food I chose was marinated manchego with orange preserves since manchego is a popular cheese in Spain.

spanish memes

These are the memes that we did for our Spanish class. My friend Robin and I made a variety of memes that make jokes about life at Mass Academy. All these memes are in Spanish and use common meme templates from across the internet. As a part of this project, our teacher put her favorites on a bulletin board in front of her office and around the school. A few of ours were chosen and currently live on said bulletin board and in the Spanish room.