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introducing me

Me and My Friends

Hello! My name is Charlotte and this is my website. I am a junior at Mass Academy and am currently 16 years old. I have two older siblings, Gabe and Lillian, and one cat named Willow. In the pages at the top of the screen you can find links to learn about my different hobbies and my school classes. If you keep on scrolling on this page you will find some pictures of me, my friends, my family, and all different things that I enjoy. Have fun!


Beach on Cape Cod

This picture is from a beach on Cape Cod where I often travel to. My dad is from the Cape and his family still lives there so we go up a lot, especially during the summer and holidays. Over this summer we were able to go to many different parts of the cape such as Dennis and Provincetown. Below, you can see some pictures from that day.

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod Cape Cod

Ireland Picture

Last year, me and my family went to Ireland to visit my sister who was studying abrod at NUI Galway. Luckily, we got our trip in before covid happened, so we got to enjoy everything while it was still open. We traveled all around Ireland but home based in Dublin for the first half of the trip and Galway for the second half. One of my favorite parts of this trip was that I got to learn a lot about my family history while spending a lot of time with my immediate family. I've added a picture here from the trip on the left. If you click on the image, you will be linked to a map with its location.

here are some other pictures from one of my trips to New York

New York New York


Burncoat High School

As you have heard, I am a junior at Mass Academy (MAMS) this year. My sending school, which is where I went for my freshman and sophmore year, is Burncoat High School. There I did dance, dance team, legacy club (which was a volunteering club), National Honor Society, and was a part of the Hanover Insurance Program. The Hanover Program is a new program at Burncoat that is meant to provide faster paced classes to 50 students starting in their seventh grade year. The fun part about it all is that Burncoat is also an arts school so I was able to do dance during the school day. Before Burncoat High School I was at Burncoat Middle School where I also did dance, dance team, National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), and the Hanover Program. In NJHS I was elected treasurer which meant that I helped with a lot of their fundraising. For elementry school I went to Midland Street School which was a neighborhood school with around 200-300 kids total. It was pretty fun, though definetly very small. At Midland I did robotics and was the secretary of the student council.