My name is Cara Murphy.
a little bit about me

f a m i l y

family photo my dad and i photo Hello! My name is Cara Murphy and I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. I've grown up in Hudson, MA where I attended Hudson Public Schools then, later, the Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough.

I came to Mass Academy to challenge myself and surround myself with like-minded creative and collaborative peers. I'm always impressed with both the student's and faculty's accomplishments and drive.

w h a t - i - l o v e

If I were to describe my interests I wouldn't know where to begin. I used to consider my Achilles' heel to be an indecisive nature surrounding my interests, however, I have come to realize that it is instead a result of my passion for learning.

Being multi-faceted has given me the opportunity to intern at the Museum of Science in Boston where I can correlate research with programming, design, and so much more. I believe everyone should embrace the intersections between every field and pursue interdisciplinary studies when possible.

JOMPflute photo WYWE Concert photo I've been playing flute for around 10 years. I've played with my school band beginning in elementary school through high school, as well as many groups outside of school including Claflin Hill Youth Wind Ensemble, Claflin Hill Chamber Ensembles, Joy of Music Program Orchestra, and Worcester Youth Wind Ensemble.

Last year I also had the amazing opportunity to teach a flute class to beginner students with my local Chinese Language School. It was super rewarding to be able to teach the students over the year and see their improvement. The picture to the right is me with the flute section before our concert at Mechanics Hall with the JOMP Orchestra, and a picture of the Worcester Youth Wind Ensemble during our concert last year!

In my free time I love to draw. My favorite medium is digital art because of its versatility but I also use oil paint and watercolors. Check out some of my art below!

Digital painting of a guy Colorful Swamp Oil Painting Digital painting of The Kid LaroiRam painting Digital painting of my friend Krishiv Digital painting of my friend Anne

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