Presidentís IQP Awards @ WPI

Ever since I founded the Venice Project Center in 1988, and later became the director of the Boston Project Center in 1999, several Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) that I advised have received the highest accolade at WPI: the Presidentís IQP Award in recognition of their excellence at the interface between science, technology and society.Here is a chronological list of the best projects I advised:


2005 Winner†††††††† Preserving the Traditional Boats of Venice

2003 Winner†††††††† Optimizing Parking Regulation Enforcement and Revenue Collection in the City of Cambridge, MA

2002 Winner†††††††† The Dunes of Venice.A Prototype for the Environmental Atlas of the Lagoon

2001 Winner†††††††† Marketing the Museum of Science to College Students

2001 Winner†††††††† Re-engineering the City of Veniceís Cargo Distribution System

1998 2nd Place†††† Analysis of Sewer Outlets and Canal Wall Damage in Venice, Italy

1997 Winner†††††††† Preliminary Feasibility Study of the Implementation of HIFLO Vacuum Sewerage System within the City of Venice

1995 Winner†††††††† A Computerized Inventory of the Outdoor Art in Dorsoduro, Venice

1994 2nd Place†††† Mountain Farming in the Italian Alps

1991 Winner†††††††† The Museums of Venice

1990 Winner†††††††† Lagoon Archeology


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