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Curriculum vitae


I am a full-time faculty member of the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division at WPI.   My primary teaching duties include project preparation courses and project advising, both on campus and off campus.  I am also a Project Center Director for the WPI global centers of Venice, Italy and Boston, Massachusetts.

In the Fall of 2005, I am teaching a Research Seminar in Urban Information Systems at MIT.  I am also planning a speakers’ series on the reconstruction of New Orleans, along themes previously explored by MIT seminars and workshops, but with a focus on the role or urban information in such a massive endeavor.

Project Preparation Courses

My primary teaching duties involve teaching a Research Methods course (ID2050) at WPI to prepare students going off-campus to conduct their Interactive Qualifying Project at one of our global centers (most recently London, Venice, Boston, Bangkok and Worcester).  I have also occasionally taught Computer Science Course (CS3043 )entitled “Social Implications of Information Processing”.

Project Center Directing

My duties as director of the Venice and Boston Project Centers, include meeting with past and future sponsoring agencies in order to follow-up on past projects and to develop a dozen new project topics that about 50 students and  four faculty colleagues will work on in the upcoming academic year.

Venice Project Center

I have been the founder and director of the Venice Project Center since 1988.  The center has produced over 120 studies for Venice on the Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage and on Urban Sustainability (if you have a fast connection, take a look at a very exhaustive yet very large PowerPoint presentation about the VPC).

Boston Project Center

I have been the director of the Boston Project Center since 1997, where over 30 studies for Boston have been completed on a variety of municipal topics.

Project Advising

Most of my time is spent advising projects both on-campus and off-campus.



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