Project Preparation and Advising @ WPI


The project preparation courses taught by Prof. Carrera are called ID2050 which are associated with off-campus Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) administered  by the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).  ID2050 is an intensive course that precedes the term when WPI students go away to one of our global project centers.  Similar preparation is conducted for on-campus projects, though generally not under the umbrella of the ID2050 course.

Prof. Carrera has adopted two distinct calendars to prepare students for their IQPs:


On-campus IQPs

These projects last for a full academic year and include a miniature preparation course in the first term (1/6 unit) followed by three terms dedicated to the project itself (1/3 unit per term).

Off-Campus IQPs

These projects are preceded by one term of ID2050 combined with a 1/6 unit Preparatory Qualifying Project (PQP) in the term before students leave campus to go to one of our centers.  At the end of this preparation the students will have produced a full Project Proposal and will be ready to complete a successful IQP off campus.


On-Campus IQPs [Calendar, Lectures, Assignments, Handouts, Samples, Projects, City Lab, Hometown, E-Campus]

Off-Campus IQPs [Calendar, Lectures, Assignments, Handouts, Samples, Venice, Boston, Worcester, London]

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