Fabio Carrera

at MIT

PhD in Urban Information Systems and Planning

at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning; City Design and Development group


DISSERTATION completed September 14, 2004.


Research, Publications and Presentations on City Knowledge:

     Boston City Knowledge Presentation (4/7/2004, Powerpoint, > 20 Mb)

     MassGIS Presentation (Uvailable upon request, 4/4/2003, Powerpoint, > 20 Mb)

     AESOP/ACSP Joint Congress Abstract (July 8-2, 2003, Word)

Other PhD Milestones:

     Colloquium Presentation (Powerpoint)

     Full Dissertation Proposal (PDF or RTF)

     Short Dissertation Proposal (PDF or RTF format)

     First Year Paper (Doctoral Research Paper): What Cultural Heritage do we preserve and why?

     General Exams

Selected Papers (unpublished, PDF):

     The Design Politics of Venice

     A Fractal Analysis of Campo Santa Maria Formosa in Venice, Italy

     Architectural Form and Urban Context - A visual preference study

     A visual assessment of the future of East Boston

     The Image of a Good City

     Enforming the Sensate

     Is the Lamp of Memory still Burning?



Last updated: November 29, 2004