Technology of Alpine Skiing

Project description

ME1520, D Term 2000

weight: 40% of the final grade

group size: 2-4

theme: explore a topic related to skiing

length: 4-6 pages of text, single spaced – figures and tables

proposal due: 28 March

outlines due: 6 April;

final copy due: 2 May;

activities: literature review (required), plus: analyses, calculations, experiments, or surveys

generic outline

    1. Introduction (1.5 pages max.)
      1. Objective and scope (1 to 3 sentence paragraph) – what are you exploring?
      2. Rationale (1 to 3 sentence paragraph) – why is it worth exploring?
      3. Literature review (one good paragraph) – what have others done?
      4. Approach (1 to 3 sentence paragraph) – what are you doing that is new?
    2. Methods (use subsections 2.1, 2.2, etc.) – explain your procedure.
    3. Results and discussion (use subsections as above) – present and explain your results.
    4. Conclusions (bullet format) each has at least one corresponding discussion paragraph
    5. References – alphabetic list, by author, with complete citation

use a suggested topic, or propose one of your own.

suggested topics:

….binding tests, machining show, pumping, snow making, snow properties, snow grooming, ski helmets, skier safety acts, snowboards, binding function, ski design, ski tests, boot tests, slalom poles, trail design, nets-fencing-pads, friction on snow and ice, ski labeling standards, GS panels, forces in turns, trajectories in falls…