Technology of Alpine Skiing

ME1520 D Term 2000

Homework 4. Machining snow

Due: 18 April 2000


On a slope of 18 degrees a 100kg skier is initially going 12m/s in a turn with a radius of 16m. The ski-snow friction coefficient is 0.06 and the ski-snow contact length is 1.7 meters. The shear flow stress of the snow is 0.05 MPa (ignore any changes in the shear flow stress that might occur as a result of stresses across the shear plane).

  1. Find the minimum depth of edge penetration necessary for the skier to stay in the turn, in the middle of the turn (headed down the fall line) as a function of the edge angle. Calculate the results for edge angles between 5 and 90 degrees in intervals of 5 degrees. Donít worry about side cut.