STEM II is our course where we do an Assistive Engineering Design Project in small groups. My group consisted of Retna Arun, Caitlyn Sonn, Sandra Vishnu, and myself. Together we created a modified Playstation 5 controller for a disabled client. Throughout this process both our STEM teacher Dr. C and mentor Mr. Loven were incredibly helpful.


Many gamers are disabled, but there is a disparity in the market for accessible tools for them. We had a disabled client that uses a PS5, but that console does not have any compatibility with any accessible controllers. Because they were using a general PS5 controller they were facing both hip pain and difficulties using all the buttons on the controller. We wanted to create a device that alleviates all of these issues, while still being directly compatible with their PS5 console.

Design Approach

The design that we came up with was a rewired controller with customizable buttons. The original controller is set into a base so that the user can still access the joysticks and other less-used buttons on the surface. The new buttons are wired directly to the board in the controller so there are no feedback issues between the two. They will be housed in plastic casings and will be attached to the base via velcro, which is what makes the device customizable. The right and left buttons and triggers are completely removed from the device and set into the base so that the user can reach them with ease.


Below are some images of our prototypes and progress over the course of our project.

First controller prototype
Second controller prototype
Third controller prototype
Fourth controller prototype