In physics we learn about many different topics such as kinematics and momentum that all interconnect. We then apply these to a wide variety of problems. This class is very collaborative and we get to work with our peers on anything we have trouble with. Our earlier units both had Uber problems at the end that are much more complicated problems than what we normally work with that allow us to apply all the skills we learned in preparation for the exam.


The Uber problem from our first unit, kinematics, was a 2-d projectile motion problem involving a rocket. I chose to do the algebra version which involved finding the total displacement in the horizontal direction of the rocket after it is launched through the air. It was a complex problem to solve, but it drastically improved my comfort in solving kinematics questions. This problem was also my first introduction to using the equation editor in Word which was a useful skill to learn.


The Uber problem for our second unit, forces, involved a pulley system and 2-d motion. It combined all the knowledge and skills that we had gained so far in this class. We had to use forces and kinematics in order to calculate the final coefficient of friction after a luge is launched through the air from a pulley and then slides on the ground. This problem allowed me to grow more comfortable in working with complex physics problems and prepared me for our next unit.