Students come to MAMS from different schools all over the state, so we all have different backgrounds in math. Because of this, Math is a highly collaborative class where we work daily in small groups on an assortment of problems. This class is centered around math modeling in the beginning of the year, and then we move into working with Exeter problem sets.


HIMCM is a multi-day group math modeling competition that everyone at MAMS partakes in. There are two problems that we get to choose from and then complete a solution that we come up with. Due to COVID, my group was completely virtual for the majority of the process. This was a major obstacle to work around especially since we ended up being on zoom for hours upon hours straight, but I enjoyed collaborating with my classmates and getting to know them a little better. The problem that my group chose was helping a high schooler decide on the best summer job for them. The reason we decided on this one was because we thought it would allow for more creative freedom than the other choice. We did a lot of research on different job types and what they required from their workers in order to create an algorithm that found the best job for a high schooler. Our solution is shown to the left. My group and I were one of the finalists for the competition.


As part of our math modeling unit, we do a series of labs in Mathematica to learn the software and concepts in modeling. This lab involved finding the best speed limit for a tunnel to avoid traffic buildup at either end. There were four models that allowed us to come up with the best solution.