Humanities is a class that encompasses many subjects, especially English and History. Our goal throughout this year is to discover what makes us human. This is a collaborative class with emphasis on discussions, both in large and small groups.


For our satire essay, I decided to compare two articles, one satirical and one serious, to show which was more effective. The articles were both on the climate crisis and how humanity needs to take action to combat global warming. The first article, found here, was informational, while the second, found here, was satirical. The essay allowed me to look at two different styles of articles involving a global issue that I am interested in which I really enjoyed. I also was able to express my writing ability with this piece and I am proud of the result.


This was a group project where each group had a different ancient civilization to research and teach the class about. My group was assigned the Indus Valley Civilization, and our presentation is to the right. I enjoyed this project as it allowed me to learn about a part of history I was never all that familiar with within a group and then share that information with the rest of my classmates. It was also great public speaking practice.