Computer Science

In our computer science we learn HTML and CSS alongside how to program in Java. We do an assortment of exercises and labs that allow us to practice the different skills that we are learning. We get the chance to collaborate on these and help each other out, which I have found to be very valuable in my learning.


The goal of this program was to take any inputted number and output every prime number from 0 to it. It utilized arrays to narrow down the numbers until they were all prime. I found the process of generating primes to be a good challenge, alongside figuring out how to display them in an organized fashion. This lab allowed me to improve my skills in Java.


This program was designed to form sets of intersecting lines that created the graphic down below. This lab was definitely a challenge for me as I had to figure out how to space out the lines and make them cover each corner, but I really enjoyed it. I also think that the resulting image was very cool since all the lines are equidistant, but the optical illusion makes it seem like they are not.

an image of my line art
an image of my app logo


My Apps for Good group consisting of Ashley Kim, Jon Cili, and myself created an app called Phonemo. It is a word creation app that utilizes phonemes and graphemes as its main mode of construction. Users will also have to attach a context instead of a traditional definition to expedite the integration of the words to the English language.

Our reasoning behind creating this app stemmed from one main issue that many individuals struggle to fully be able to express themselves using the words currently available to them in the English vernacular. The process of adding words to the dictionary is quite limited and many of the words are outdated compared to modern problems that we face today. We hoped to combat this using an app that combines word creation and social media. Feel free to view our presentation attached below to learn more about our app.

Phonema first brings the user to a keyboard page that contains all 44 English phonemes (all the sounds that make up the English language), where the user can build and hear their word. Once they build their word they can go to the next page of the app which is where they can assign an English spelling to their word using graphemes (the letter combinations associated with each phoneme). Finally the user can go to the library page where they can see their phoneme word, grapheme word, and can add a context to define their word. The current version of Phonema does not have an implemented social media platform, although that is something we plan to add in the future.

This was my favorite project this year, I had an amazing group and I feel that my coding skills grew astronomically. We plan to continue working on our app so that we can implement all our future extensions and make Phonemo into the best version it can be.

I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Taricco for all her guidance throughout this project, it was truly invaluable.