Intermediate Spanish is a class taught by Julia Wildfong. Unlike most language classes, Intermediate Spanish is focused on immersing students into the language and culture, so everything in the class is conducted in the target language. As someone whose experience in Spanish prior to this class can be amounted to episodes of Dora I watched 13 years ago, this was definitely a change of pace for me. Though it is challenging, it also encourages me to push myself to my limits. Overall, I feel like I am learning the language much faster than if I were to take a more traditional language class.


This is one of the first essays I wrote in Spanish. It details the various rooms in my house, including my bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Though the Spanish is far from perfect, I am hoping to progressively improve as the year goes on.

Meme Contest

In class, we were given the opportunity to create memes in Spanish as long as they were related to something in Mass Academy. I decided to create one related to Humanities, one related to Math, and one related to Spanish class. Overall, this was a humorous way to strengthen my Spanish skills, especially as someone who has just started learning it this year.

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