Humanities is a class taught by Kristen Small. It is a course that teaches a combination of history and ELA. The primary objective of this course is to answer the question "What does it mean to be human?" Throughout the course, we are pushed to question the current state of human society and understand how we got to the place that we are today.

Satire Script

I ended up helping to write a script with Emily Wang and Amy Chen satirizing the usage of AI art. As someone who is passionate about art, this technology concerns me. Though I don't think that AI art is inherently evil, the way that is has been used is often malicious and, at its extreme, could destroy the livelihood of many artists. Though many forms of satire seem simple at first, the various rhetorical devices required to make the piece humorous without losing the central point can make them difficult to write. Overall, this project was fun to work on and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on it.

Satire Analysis

During our humanities class, we had the opportunity to read a well-known satire called "A Modest Proposal". For a timed essay, I chose to analyze the various devices used in the text that allowed it to be an excellent satire on the injustices and apathy of British authorities in Ireland at the time. Though the text was targeted towards a certain group of people during a certain time period, the message that it expresses still rings true today.

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