About Me

Hello, visitors! My name is Anne Wu and I am currently a junior at Mass Academy. My family consists of my dad, mom, and older sister, who is currently in college. Before Mass Academy, I attended Shrewsbury High School. I’ve always been an active problem solver and can quickly adapt to new environments and concepts. I have a particular interest in STEM topics, developing an interest in mathematics and Computer Science early on in my life.

In many of the schools I’ve been in before Mass Academy, I’ve been an active member of that school’s math team. I have taken part in many math competitions, like MATHCOUNTS, AMC, and Math Kangaroo. Math competitions in particular use the skills you have and put them all together to solve a particular problem. In other words, it's the perfect exercise in problem solving.

Though I work hard on my academics, not everything I do is work. I have a few hobbies I engage in as well, like singing, and visual art.


Before I started to take singing classes, I always enjoyed trying to sing the songs my parents would always listen to. When I was around 3rd or 4th grade, I started to take singing lessons and participate in choir. I currently attend voice lessons every week. One of the choirs I participated in was the Worcester Children's Chorus. One of the performances I was a part of is shown below!

A choir performance I was a part of in 2016

Visual Art

When I have free time, I enjoy drawing! I had started to develop my passion for drawing when I was in elementary school and have stayed passion ever since. I've always been inspired by the other artists around me as well as the art in the video games or shows that I enjoy. I often like drawing my favorite characters from these media, though I have been expanding my horizons as of late. I currently attend art lessons, mainly studying still lifes and digital art.

Digital Painting of a Girl Sketch of Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Scared Stones holding a spear A sketch of a cone, a cylinder, and an apple placed on a easel Drawing of the Vocaloid vFlower Watercolor painting of a gazebo surrounded by trees Watercolor painting with two trees in the foreground and a house in the distance

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