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About Me


Hi, I’m Andrew Lee and I am a junior at Mass Academy. I live in Northborough, MA, and my house is right next to my sending school, Algonquin. I have an older sister, Jennifer, who is currently a senior at Cornell.


I have always been fascinated by mathematics. I remember once when I was eight, I ran out of the shower excited to tell my sister about a formula I created to count the number of bathroom tiles. Since fourth grade, I have competed and scored well in math competitions like AMC series, HMMT, Math Kangaroo, Mathcounts, and many more. I have qualified for USAJMO twice and USAMO once, and I am hoping to make MOP this year. More recently, I have started to look into more research math and am currently in MIT PRIMES, a math research program. Other than solving problems on my own, I love spreading my passion for math with others. When I am tutoring, I am always hoping to see that spark of understanding. Math camps are also one of my favorite places as it allows students to share ideas and learn together. Personally, I love math because I enjoy exploring and slowly discovering more about a problem until I reach the satisfaction of finding a solution. Math has definitely improved my ability to process information and apply problem-solving in everyday life. If you are interested, here is more information about the AMC series and MIT PRIMES.


Another large part of my life is competitive badminton. For six months this year, I was ranked first in the nation in boy’s doubles under 17. I was also placed 4th in the 2018 USA national team selection for boys’ doubles under 15. Although badminton is not considered an intense sport in America, I find it invigorating. Badminton is truly an amazing sport, being the fastest racket sport in the world and requiring full-body activation, extreme speed, as well as tactical and strategic brilliance.


Another hobby of mine is music. I used to play piano, violin, and trumpet, but now I just play trumpet. I played in Algonquin's jazz band in 9th and 10th grade, and I played jazz band in districts in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. I had been chosen for first trumpet for districts in 10th grade, but I had conflicts with math activities. I am currently playing jazz with the WPI band. During quarantine, I have also been learning guitar.


Some other things I enjoy are programming, juggling, reading Webtoons, running, and spending time with friends and family.