Personal Interests

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I got interested in photography during quarantine as a means to cure my ennui. For me, photography has always been an accessible way to capture memories, so I focused on the more artistic aspect.

Fun fact: All background pictures located under the index were taken by me!

Picture of me taking a picture


Art has always been a creative outlet for stress. From the art samples I have attached below, it's clear to see that I gravitate towards sketches of portraits. I find that sketching allows me to people-watch and focus on unique features.

Photo of my sketch Photo of my sketch

Volunteer Work

Here at Mass Academy, I am a member of the community service club (MACS) that regularly hosts STEM Saturdays and volunteers for the Worcester Refugee Assistance Project.

WRAP is a program offers assistance to refugee's who are resettling to the U.S. Every Monday, WRAP partners with MACS to run a STEM-themed lesson for the children. It's really rewarding to give exciting lessons to these kids who are so full of energy.

WalkFit is an event hosted by Attorney Liz Myska to raise awareness for visual impairment. Although I am new to the program, I have learned how to be a sighted guide which entails noticing things that I take for granted as a sighted person.

MACS hosting STEM Saturday at Greenhill Park