This is a collaborative immersion course for Spanish

Course Overview

Students acquire language proficiency through the use of authentic materials, including literature, music, film, discussions, and games. We are able to understand grammar in useful contexts and engage in project-based learning as we produce movies and engage in small group projects.

Mi Casa Essay

Compared to previous language classes I have taken, the way this course approaches the Spanish language is very effective. As a student who has never taken Spanish, this essay showcases the grammar I was able to learn within the first term; this includes prepositions with descriptive phrases and conjugated verbs.

Norma Bessouet Presentation

Not only is writing an important aspect of language, but the ability to converse fluently is crucial as well. Below is a presentation I did on Spanish artist Norma Bessouet. This presentation made me responsible for learning how to pronounce words correctly and have enough understanding to give a speech in Spanish.