This course allows students to examine what it means to be human

Course Overview

This course uses a variety of literary, historical, and cultural readings in combination with essay writing, group projects, and class discussions to answer the essential question: “What does it mean to be human?” Students will examine how the definitions and understandings of “humanity” have changed over time.

Education Synthesis Essay

During A-Term, we focused on the education system and its efficacy. To wrap up our discussion, I wrote a synthesis essay examining the school to prison pipeline.

Satire Project

During B-Term, we learned about the impact of satire and what makes it an effective literary device. As a class, we examined A Modest Proposal by John Swift and the key elements that made the piece satirical. Using our knowledge on logical fallacies and satirical devices, Mihika and I created this video mocking the trend in ignorant celebs and their fanbase.