STEM II is taught by Dr. Crowthers. During STEM II, students work together in teams of 3-4 to develop an assitive device for a client in the community. During the class, we use the engineering design process and the skills we learned for proper documentation from STEM I. Additionally, we learn how to communicate with a client and work together as a team to develop a product.

Problem Statement

People above the age of 40 are often unable to effectively grip objects, such as bottles and jars, due to the inflammation of their joints caused by arthritis.

The goal of this project is to engineer an assistive device that allows those with arthritis in their hands to effectively grip objects, such as jars and bottles, and open them.

Design Approach

After doing extensive background research and brainstorming, our group began with three preliminary designs. We created prototypes for each design and determined the best device with an engineering matrix of criteria.

Nutcracker Design Hoop Design

Final Prototype

After determining the best device out of the three preliminary designs, our group tested to device on a variety of jars and bottle. Using our initial test data, we improved the device by changing the materials and improving certain features to create our final prototype.

Final Prototype Top Final Prototype Bottom