Physics is taught by Mr. Ellis. The course is divided into chapters where we learn kinematics, forces, energy, etc. Each chapter consists of notes and many practice problems, including End of the Chapter problems (EOCs) and Uber problems.

One of our first major assignments in physics was the Rock and Balloon lab. In the lab, we were given instructions to create an excel file to show the height of a rock and a balloon over time. This assignment was a great introduction to Excel, as someone who had never used Excel before, and was still connected to our first chapter on kinematics. I found this lab very helpful in learning Excel and the different features it has. You can see my final Excel file below:

Every unit, we have an Uber problem. They are longer physics problems that use many of the concepts we learn in the unit. Every student is given their own set of values for the problem and must check their final answers with the teacher. Afterwards, we use Microsoft Word to explain our solution process. I always found it fun to work through each part of the problem and then eventually get to an answer. You can see two Uber problems from the first two units in physics below. The one on the left was the Uber Rocket problem for kinematics and the one on the right was the Uber Pulley problem for forces: