Math modeling is taught by Mr. Regele. The class focuses on collaboration as we work with our peers everyday on a challenging math problem. Additionally, we learn the process of math modeling. With these skills, we model some problems that are very similar to the real world.

The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) is an annual COMAP 36-hour math modeling competition for high school students. In the competition, teams choose from two math modeling problems, develop a model, and write up a paper detailing their solution. After a quick game of rock paper scissors, my team (Alina Shkurikhina, Shreya Gouda, Amruth Seetharaman, and I) decided to do problem A on choosing the best summer job. After brainstorming possible models, we decided to create a model that takes user input, weighs different factors, and chooses the top three jobs that fit a user. You can see my team’s paper below:

Throughout the course, we work on some math modeling problems in groups. For each problem, we follow the steps for math modeling to develop a model and find a solution. Afterwards, we create a presentation detailing our process and our solution. For this problem, the Euler school was increasing their class size and wanted to know which classes needed more teachers. My group found the number of students per teacher and used some general assumptions to balance out the classes. You can see our slideshow below: